Yay Ponies!!
[Image: 6162822370_8163e63fd2_z.jpg]
Ponies!!! by Aienhime, on Flickr

Canna showing off the new MLP stuff I bought today ^^
Yay, indeed! Those bracelets are adorable~
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That pic is so cute!!!

I really wish I could find those ponies in the US!!!!
So very awesome, just like everything else in the Netherlands! xD
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Aww, her dress and necklace are so very cute. yay And the hair barrette is a nice touch!
Awwwwww hypercute Special 2
Haha thanks all grin I found even more hair ties and barrettes today grin Should make more cute pics asap Tongue
Poooniiieeeees!!! Oh and one of my girls wears those clips, too LOL
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