Lizzie's new doll
I tried to get some pics of September Elizabeth with her new doll but the mosquitoes got too bad and they chased me back in.

[Image: Lizziedoll.jpg]
[Image: Lizziedoll2.jpg]
[Image: Lizziedoll3.jpg]
[Image: Lizziedoll4.jpg]
[Image: Lizziedoll5.jpg]
[Image: Lizziedoll6.jpg]
[Image: Lizziedoll7.jpg]

And a bonus of Serena & Selena
[Image: SerenaSelenapets.jpg]
Aww, she looks very cute with her new doll~ Too bad about the mosquitos.
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She is so cute!!!

Those mini's make excellent dolls for the Dal/Pullips.

Gotta love those mini La la loopsy's! Very cute piccies smile

She seems to love her doll very much! Happy Very cute.

Lol I think I'll go buy one of those loopsy minis now.
Adorable! smile
The minis are so cute LOL
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She's looking very happy playing with her doll. I bet she thinks about getting another one grin
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