Black cats 'n' cauldron, and LASH ATTACK!
The campground I've been staying in, had halloween early, and I got some photos of Lenore with props. ^^

[Image: sncw7l.jpg]

[Image: 2q3vtrl.jpg]

[Image: 9bk8c3.jpg]

And I recently bought some halloween fake lashes, for Lenore, and finally installed them.

They were ubber long with jewels. ^^ (Yes the white spots on the lashes a jewels, so pardon my horrible photography. -.-)

[Image: 3479qtv.jpg]

[Image: 515w6r.jpg]

[Image: wqwil0.jpg]
[Image: blackrosedivider1.gif]

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Very awesome pics! They put me in the Halloween spirit! grin
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Your Neo Noir has an awesome look! My favorite picture is the third pic :]
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I wish we celebrate Halloween in Poland - we have "All Saints Day" and it's sad, and we go to church and weep and such ;/ Hate it.

Your girl is very cute, I love how she pops out of the couldron smile
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I love your girl, LOVE the new lashes and I want that huge cat and the raven with the cauldron LOL I wish we celebrated Halloween properly here. It and St Paddy's Day are the only 2 holidays I enjoy slash

Lenore looks to be loving her new obitsu grin
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I love those lashes and your Halloween deko!
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