Byul Lilith
I'm asking for a price check for someone on mlparena smile. Here is her description:
From what I can tell, Lilith's face is mint, I can't see any hint of scratches or other marks. Some of her eyelashes on the left lid appear to be a little short, but I've never touched them so she must have come like that.
Her right arm has a lot of issues, it falls out at the elbow almost constantly and I'm not sure how to fix this. The ball joint in her knee also is cracked in the middle, which makes her leg very loose and is probably going to be an issue if it isn't fixed.
Otherwise, she's about as perfect as pullips get. I've never removed her wig, and I have all her stock with the exception of some little white and red things I seem to have misplaced (these may have been fangs?). I also have her box.
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