My girlified Isul Hamilton: meet Emma
My girlified Isul Hamilton just told me her name... it's Emma smile (and she insists on collecting teddy bears, so I'm gonna have to get to work Tongue)

Sorry for the graininess, quickly took the picture with my phone. I'll be off making Emma her first outfit now smile

[Image: IAF35.jpg]

- edited 10/16 for adding some pictures -

[Image: 6250782982_11d9d6aedd.jpg]
Emma in her first outfit (1) by Ev's Dolls ♫, on Flickr

[Image: 6250255285_8377857d15.jpg]
Emma in her first outfit (2) by Ev's Dolls ♫, on Flickr

[Image: 6250782580_0293e24584.jpg]
Emma in her first outfit (3) by Ev's Dolls ♫, on Flickr

[Image: 6250254867_837e574951.jpg]
Emma in her first outfit (4) by Ev's Dolls ♫, on Flickr

[Image: 6250254671_7577f45f8c.jpg]
Emma in her first outfit (5) by Ev's Dolls ♫, on Flickr


~ New pictures added 10/22: ~

[Image: 6253496291_f96286f2c3.jpg]
Emma is ready to travel! by Ev's Dolls ♫, on Flickr

[Image: 6257028150_5906bb1d40.jpg]
Emma at the hotel by Ev's Dolls ♫, on Flickr

[Image: 6256529209_db5b0625a0.jpg]
Emma at the hotel by Ev's Dolls ♫, on Flickr

[Image: 6260264600_fcc3c324b8.jpg]
Emma in the hotel bed by Ev's Dolls ♫, on Flickr
Emma! I've always really liked that name...and your Isul totally fits it--she's so cute. smile
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Awesome! I've been whining about wanting an Isul to turn into a girl for ages, knew it'd work, she looks great x
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Thanks guys! I think she's sooo adorable!! I made her her first outfit today smile (see my edited message).
I'll be going to Berlin for a week tomorrow and guess who's going with me!! ^^
aww, she looks really cute smile loving her bear collection.

Thanks! Hope to find her another bear in Berlin as a souvenir! ^^
Oh my gosh, that is just the cutest! I never thought about making a girl out of an Isul! She's lovely! <3 That's a very good idea.
Thank you smile. I got him as a gift and I was happy to find out he's very feminine, because I don't like boy dolls, lol ^^.
I thought about turning an Isul into a girl before but I was too afraid it would look stupid so I haven't ordered one for this purpose, yet...

But yours looks absolutely wonderful, awesome job Heart 2
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Thanks grin. I really didn't do much. The ribbon did the trick, lol!
Haha I was another wondering how Isul would look as a little sister for pullip! Emma is awesome, love the clothes you made <3
What a little cutie! Your Emma has inspired me very much! smile
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Thanks guys! Added some pictures of Emma at our hotel in Berlin. smile
Isul makes an adorable girl!
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Thank you ^^

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