One thousand and one night
Alma now has one of his dreams fulfilled,have a harem of men to herself.
Who would choose to spend the night?
[Image: 6452778373_9d0e11d21e_z.jpg]
Alma, Altaïr, Cain y Abel por Asato_Tsuzuki, en Flickr

It seems that the choice has been Alatïr
[Image: 6452789833_0f93db2491_z.jpg]
Alma y Altaïr por Asato_Tsuzuki, en Flickr
[Image: 6452799425_ae0e94d67d_z.jpg]
Alma y Altaïr por Asato_Tsuzuki, en Flickr
[Image: 6452808607_32e3baf727_z.jpg]
Alma y Altaïr por Asato_Tsuzuki, en Flickr

Gracias por mirar grin
Altair is very cute grin____________
Nulla è reale, tutto è lecito. Requiescat en pace

[Image: 6023292626_b737b12c20.jpg]

thanks near!!!
Ooh, I'd have to pick Altair, too.
thank Cornflower Blue
Your dolls are gorgeous!
My dolls:Samara (Sfoglia), Mara (Custom), Corey (Seiran), Shizu (Yuki), Anomaly (Lunatic Alice), Aiden (Naomi), Sadie (Zuora),
Crimson (Lunatic Queen), Amalia (Elisabeth), Bloody Mary (Mir), Lana (Eos), Jareth (Sebastian), Dante (Butler), Tarja (Tiphona), Cassidy (Jaldet), Elliott (Naomi), Snookie (Chelsea), Lazulie (Another Alice), Silence (Regen Noir)
These guys are all very handsome!!
Thank you Little_Spark!!!

needsmorelace I also think they are very handsome grin
The lucky lady is lovely!
thank you!!!

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