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Monster High - Create a monster packs...
Does anyone have them? I'm really intrigued, do you only get one body per set? how do you get them to match? I'd like to get all of them & make up my own dolls, would I need to buy nude dolls to get enough bodies? Thanks! I'd love to see any pics & hear any feedback from someone who has them smile

You only get one torso per pack. And as for them matching. If u buy both they kinda match that way. As for buying the dolls for the torso they are made different and can't be put together.
oh sad So I'd need to buy several packs to be able to put all the dolls together then? How stupid :/ I guess I'll just have to pick out my favourites & make those up :s

The dolls are really cute but the lack of torsos to put them together is disappointing. I bought one pack and an add on pack so I have one body for the 3 looks. So for $30+ dollars I can have only one at a time. slash
There's also some of them that don't have any torsos relatively close to their colour at all in any pack... even if you use a canon doll's body.
It's rather disappointing but maybe they'll release extra parts in future.
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I was quite disappointed aswell. I figure to truly make it, they would have like two general colors and work it from there.

But, they did bad in my opinion, by ONLY releasing ONE torso in the starter sets of two dolls.
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I think they did bad too, what a disappointment :/ I was hoping that even if there was only one torso per pack I'd still be able to canibolise a normal doll. Jeez, how rubbish sad I'll probably buy the sets anyway, but they won't be as much fun as I was hoping.

You should at least be able to swap the heads onto spare bodies. At least, based on the comments on these pics.

I know dms_a_jem posts here, maybe they will chime in and share some more info.
I know on one of the forums I lurk, a member had used a regular release doll (Spectra, IIRC) and did manage to get the create a monster limbs/head on her. Some modding/shaving was required though. But last I heard she was planning on making a tutorial. I can keep my eye open and link you once it's been posted?
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That would be a better solution since even if they need to be repainted, a cheap doll like Gloom Beach or Skull Shores is less expensive than a CAM starter pack. I also think it would be fun to put some of the skeleton parts on a Ghoulia so that she can be starting to decompose.
awesome! Thanks guys smile That's really pleasing. I'm really liking the bee, dragon, & skeleton, so It's great to hear there are body matches for some of them....I just need them to release them in the UK now, lol.

Not sure which doll would match the bee without painting but I think the sea monster and three eyed girl could be used with Abbey. Yeah it is not an exact match but I think it would look almost like a gradient type effect.
I think the bee one would need painting, there's no match as far as I'm aware....I'll cross that bridge when I come to it :p lol.

(12-29-2011, 11:22 AM)Cornflower Blue Wrote: You should at least be able to swap the heads onto spare bodies. At least, based on the comments on these pics.

I know dms_a_jem posts here, maybe they will chime in and share some more info.

Thanks to these wonderful closeups, I now know I want the dragon by far the most-est ! grin Also love the wolf & the sea monster faces, I'm not so fond of the vampire. I don't know what it is, I am the world's biggest vampire addict but I'm not fond of Draculaura either (that's the PINK, mainly, but also something about the face)

Thanks CB smile
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