Double .::Ciel::.
I've had my 3 Ciels for a while and I've been wanting to see how this looks for a while but I just got to it today. Ciel with 2 contracts (aka the purple eyechips).

He won't be keeping it (Ciel Robin may. Not sure yet.)
[Image: 6583922665_12b7998fe4_z.jpg]
Doubled Contract by .::Avalon Jane::., on Flickr
[Image: 6583923715_ae3b3aee4b_z.jpg]
Eyes by .::Avalon Jane::., on Flickr

Aaaand a bonus shot of Jin... just because.
[Image: 6479636513_bcf5795615_z.jpg]
Like a Movie 80/365 by .::Avalon Jane::., on Flickr
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