Finally some love!
After much oogling of monster high and over shinkis, Lenore was starting to feel neglected. ^^'
And so, we had a little photoshoot. grin

[Image: 34zc9y9.jpg]

[Image: 154auxj.jpg]

[Image: j64ayx.jpg]

[Image: 11812xf.jpg]

[Image: 4zths9.jpg]
[Image: blackrosedivider1.gif]

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She's gorgeous, love her eyes. Does that dress fit her well? is it a moxie girl one? I was ogling that, but didn't think it would fit an Obitsu.

It is a moxie girl one. But I cut the crotch out of the skirt, so it could get over the hips. If you fasten it around the hips, it stays in place and doesn't move. But the top, it depends on the bust size I think, Lenore is on a large soft bust, and so, the top only fastens on the bottom, but it stays closed.

Sometimes, I forget how pretty my girl can be. tt
[Image: blackrosedivider1.gif]

Home: Lenore, Drossel, Rory, Faust,

she looks really beautiful smileI just love her eyes, they pop no mattter what she is wearing!
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I really love what you've done with her. That outfit is amazing with those eyes and the hair. She reminds me of one of the beautiful type anime characters. Really pretty.
I really like her wig and distinctive eyes. Very beautiful girl smile
I always end up with making another tomboy-ish one
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