Glamour Shoot (PIC HEAVY)
Eos #2 got all dolled up for her new owner today and begged me for a photo shoot! So here she is in her travel outfit.

Model: Eos
Make-up: stock
Dress: Barbie

1.[Image: 6718121963_a92010e6b8_z.jpg]

2.[Image: 6718122925_998ceab1c3_z.jpg]

3.[Image: 6718123499_8fc0ea3214_z.jpg]

4.[Image: 6718124333_119643e1eb_z.jpg]

5.[Image: 6718124951_017b003f6b_z.jpg]

6.[Image: 6718125473_84f82c69db_z.jpg]

7.[Image: 6718126043_e619a954ae_z.jpg]

8.[Image: 6718126753_6620459af6_z.jpg]

9.[Image: 6718127349_6b1166cc51_z.jpg]

10.[Image: 6718127999_2f0095d203_z.jpg]
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She looks really good in that blue wig--I love the color! And those black and white photos are really high-glamour. smile Bye, Eos...Have a safe trip!
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Wow, that's Eos? It really suits her o.O
Next owner is very lucky
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