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Adults and ponies - how come? :)
No, I won't make fun of anyone who likes ponies. I got one for user and I think they're lovely made and thought about getting one of my own (tho I never was too pony-loving) smile It's a hobby like every one.

I'm more interested in.... adult guys (20, 30, 40 +) who comment on youtube pony videos etc. What's with that??
I mean, I'm logged on Polish website where are "funny pictures" (like 9gag) and every single day ADULT GUYS along with naked ladies are posting dozens of pony pictures/gifs/videos/songs (oink oink oink is still in my head ^ ^").
"Bronies". Yup. Ponies are verywhere, on cups, tshirts.... Is it only in Poland or not?

I still cannot figure out if they are making fun of it ("look, I'm a guy and I like because it's not manly at all!") or not... o.O They seem more devoted than to any religion... And I'm from Poland, seriously!

Along with "Friendship is magic" (I admit, it's cute) they are hating gays, emo [especially male], pink shirts and all that is not "macho". Soooooo....

OK, I don't get.
We're Polish. We don't drink THAT much. We drink more.
FIM is kind of weird in that sense ... it's a hit with a LOT of guys EVERYWHERE ... i collect ponies, have since they were first released and one of my friends always laughed at me and made fun of me and did horrid thing sto my ponies if i ever left him alone with them ... now that same friend is in love with FIM ... toys, shirts, dvds, videos, youtube, fanfic, etc like waaaaaaaaaaaay more into than even i am ... and he flips out if i so much as look at his pony toys ... *shrug*

... for some guys it's popular to like it, so they like it too, for others, it's opular, so they hate for the exact reason, but it is a cute show that can reach EVERYBODY if they give it a chance ... i know it's gone over huge with a lot of Transformers fans, and it's drawn ina lot of Dr. Who fans with Dr. Whooves lol

and in all actuality who the heck knows what is going on inside the head of guys? lmao
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~The Black Angels, "Young Men Dead"

(my fishie got bit by a vamp lol)
It came to the attention of 4chan after someone wrote a very angry article blasting the show for being anti-feminist or something, I think. Either that, or Lauren Faust (the creator's) rebuttal to that article. The article was posted, 4channers watched the show to see what the fuss was about and, well, they liked it. To cut a long story short, its popularity was inevitably passed on to the wider internet. XD It's an international phenomenon, now - I don't think it's shown in many countries outside America.
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You guy are miss how self aware the show is. Once the internet started to watch the show, name characters, and alike, the show started to respond in show. I site "The Cutie Pox" where ponies who look like the cast of The Big Lebowski show up in the background.

Like what was said before, it's just a fun show. The characters are well rounded for a children's show, the plots aren't stale, and it's a much more realistic show portrait of girls than the original. I end up watching the HUB, the channel that MLP FiM runs on, and none of the shows are bad, but all of the other girls shows are full of predictable story lines and plot holes (I know it's a kid's show and I'm asking a lot).

On a final note, no one can predict what the internet will love.
I personally can't stand this "bronies" fad. Maybe I just don't get it but I will stick to my original g1s (and pullips!)
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This quote sums it up best:

“Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”
― C.S. Lewis
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(03-10-2012, 09:55 AM)Summer Skye Wrote: I personally can't stand this "bronies" fad. Maybe I just don't get it but I will stick to my original g1s (and pullips!)
This is exactly how i feel. I just dont understand it. I remember playing with them when they first came out, while i was like i dont know, a little 5 year old girl. Ive tried to understand. They just like the show... But every guy who calls themselves "bronies" most of the time take it to far, buy the toys, DVDs, merch, everything. I knew a guy who when to McD's like almost 20 times just to get all the toys when they had them. And hes 23 year old male.
And every "bronie" ive ever asked why they love MLP so much or say "isnt that a little girls show?" they get offend. I actually lost my friend to it. Thats not normal. I asked him whats the point? and he got so upset and wouldn't talk to me. I might like expensive dolls. But i dont take it to the extremes they do. Not wanting to offend any guys who like it. There are some who like the show and dont go all crazy over it. But seems to me most do.
Maybe since is started as a joke on the internet guys actually started watching the show. Maybe it was like a domino affect, or a plague. One guy when crazy over it and thousands followed.
But i do like some of the custom ones. They can be very cool.
(02-01-2012, 01:38 AM)ByronicHeroine Wrote: You guy are miss how self aware the show is. Once the internet started to watch the show, name characters, and alike, the show started to respond in show

This too... I'm pretty sure the producers even interacted with 4chan at some point, and were active with the feedback, on deviantart, etc

I think it's funny and cute... like the "new" series of Barbie? Life in The Dreamhouse. Technically Barbie is for girls but guys seem to enjoy it anyway

There are crazies and peple taking things too far in every fandom. Any show, any game, they book series, band or hobby, there's always going to be people you want to ask "Uh, you know this isn't a religion, right?"

Most of the adults I know who like MLP:FIM like it because it's cute and they find the plot interessting. Maybe there are men who only like it just to be contrary and "special" but the ones *I* know just think it's a cool show and they aren't so afraid of being "unmanly" that they turn their back on what they like. I think it's a very honest way to be.
I watched the show and I found it to be very well written.

Since the show was so awesome I wanted some of the characters so i started buying some of the toys.

I have a couple shirts too.

I've never really gotten the "fan mentality" but I like the show and the merch so I watch/buy them.
i've yet to really "get" the whole "Brony" thing myself,
but i have to admit that my Waifu Miku-chan♥ MLPized
isin't anywhere near the put-off i always figured such a concept would invariably be;

[Image: mikuru-asahina-is-the-fourth-member-to-m...768bed.jpg]

- gee, i'm beginning to think one could turn her into just about anything
and she'd manage to remain as precious as she always is♥
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I'm secretly thrilled my toddler loves ponies... It gives me an excuse to buy toys! Ummm for her.... ya... mostly... We play with them together a lot. We also watch the show quite often on Netflix. I love how much it teaches her. After each episode we have a discussion about Twilight's friendship lesson letter. I had no idea how to bring up bullying or if I even should (she started preschool this year), but Bad Seed did the job for me. Ponies are like parenting aids I swear to goodness. Also they aren't repetitive and annoying like Dora or Barney or countless others. I actually enjoy watching with her! That said, I would never watch it without her... Partially due to having seen every episode about 10 times now.
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Straying a bit from that topic since I don't know about it but I just have to say this. tasuke, that MLP Miku is wonderful and precious. You are brilliant! smile
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thanks, but she's not mine... she came from a Japanese Pixiv member.

she's the best by far of the two or three MLP Mikuru i was able to find in a quick search...
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oh so you only want to know about bronies?
why doesnt anyone care about adult WOMEN who like MLP?
Just sayin' why isnt the adult demographic that is scrutinised?
Why generalise the 'oddness' only to males?
seems a bit hypocritical really.

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