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Adults and ponies - how come? :)
I'm not a male, but I'm 32 (turning 33 this month). I loved My Little Pony when I was little. I remember my mom would record it for me while I was at school so that I could watch it when I got home. My sisters and I loved playing with My Little Ponies when we were kids. They were probably our favorite toys to play with. At first, I wasn't all that thrilled with the way the new ponies looked. I remember seeing them in the store and thinking, "ugh, they look terrible". Now I look at G3 Ponyville ones and think the same thing. I don't know why, I remember thinking they were cute at one point but not anymore for some reason.

I think my daughter started watching the show a lot on Netflix. I purchased a couple ponies for her. I also purchased the first movie, not realizing it was the first two episodes which are already on Netflix. I remember her watching the Canterlot Wedding episodes a lot and she would sing the song "This Day". I've always been a fan of musicals and kids movies. Labyrinth is my favorite movie to this day. I think that song was what really got me interested in the new My Little Ponies. It's a really touching, beautiful song in my opinion, and I love the way it is sung.

I had heard they were coming out with a My Little Pony comic book, so I decided to buy that when it came out. I personally love the comics. They always have David Bowie references in them <3 (plus a lot of other references that I get and love too). So along with the comics, I then heard they were coming out with an actual My Little Pony card game. We ended up getting that when it came out. It was a little difficult to learn at first, but we figured it out and have a lot of fun playing it. That's what finally got me to watch the show with my daughter. She didn't mind watching it from the beginning with me. I've seen the first three seasons on Netflix. I am still waiting for more to show up. I liked it though.

Now I love the characters, and have started collecting the dolls too. Fluttershy is my favorite. I also love the "Cutie Mark Crusaders". I am not trying to collect every pony there is, because it would be too expensive, but I am definitely trying to collect all the "baby ponies" or "fillies" I guess they call them now. I think they are so adorable! Spike is also so stinking cute. I love his character. =)

As far as bronies go. I've gone to a couple of the card game "tournaments" I guess you could call them or "events". It is mostly guys that show up, but they all seem nice enough.

I have a tumblr page and I don't really follow many people, but sometimes I see "brony hate" I guess you would call it. Saying how disgusting and repulsive bronies are. How they are always jerks, sexualize ponies, etc, etc. Anyway, I don't mind care what age/gender you are. I personally haven't had personal experience with anyone that sexualizes MLP before and hope that I never do meet someone who does.

I haven't watched the Netflix thing about bronies. I was kind of worried about watching it, for some reason. I didn't realize girls could be bronies too. I guess that would probably make me one. Although I'm not 100% sure of the definition, so I'm not calling myself one yet. lol

Edit: I just wanted to say a couple more things.

@Duskkodesh thanks for sharing that quote. I have never heard that before and it helps me feel a lot better about liking things that would be considered "childish".
@pixachii Thanks for sharing Lauren Faust's article. I enjoyed reading it and I definitely think she has accomplished her goal. My only hope is that her bosses continue to allow her to do it the way she has been doing it.
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