Yashiro, (Full custom pullip)

Let me introduce one of my girls smile

She's Yashiro, the most important doll for me. She was my first pullip custom and my second doll. She's not perfect but I love her. She wants to be a famous metal singer smile her personality is very crazy and funny smile I hope you enjoy these pics Tongue All the outfits (except Mao's T-Shirt) Are made by me ♥♥♥

[Image: 6563846485_ff96a04372_z.jpg]
Bizcaaa XD [Explore!] por ^^Ayrin^^, en Flickr

[Image: 6563846479_c0402d2ae4_z.jpg]
Yashiro grin [Explore!] por ^^Ayrin^^, en Flickr

Here with Brais, her best friend^^

[Image: 6580697637_9749a83e31_z.jpg]
Christmas eve n_n por ^^Ayrin^^, en Flickr

[Image: 6840743601_5e4db0008e_z.jpg]
Yashiro :3 por ^^Ayrin^^, en Flickr

[Image: 6989578365_3d4f72671c_z.jpg]
Yashiro's melancholy... por ^^Ayrin^^, en Flickr

[Image: 6989578373_c3d8dcc2a9_z.jpg]
Yashiro's melancholy... por ^^Ayrin^^, en Flickr

Aww! I love her! She's so cute~ yay
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Another cutie! I love the cross-eyed shot! You have such pretty girls!
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The last two/three pictures are very nice!
Love her outfit
I like what you did to her eyes to make them move that way. I really like the photos of her with the guitar. She's very pretty. smile
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Wow, her eyes are so cool, being able to move that way! O:

I really like her wig in the last few shots! My favorite is the third from the last. Her outfits are beautiful, too.

What a wonderful girl you have!
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Thank you so much ♥♥♥♥

Her eyes moves that way because Sheryl modifies her eye mechanism Tongue

I'm glad taht you like her ♥♥♥ She owns three wigs, but her first wig, and the most beautiful in my opinion is the wig with tails Tongue

Aww thank you again!!!!
Gorgeous! I love the last outfit, especially the fishnet socks smile

The last 2 pics are my favorites and I think she is super cute. Seeing everyone's dollies is really fun and makes me look forward to having one of my own.

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