Girls in White and Stars
I know some of you have already seen all of these on Flickr or other forums. But here's my star themed Puddle Photo contest entry: Sweet Dreams
You can view all the entries here:
And vote for your three favorites here:
[Image: 7142243823_197c43e4e4_z.jpg]
I ended up picking Cheza (Aquel) and Milo (Tete) for this one.

Before I got to this entry, I dressed 5 of my girls in white. I thought I'd try to pose them in a star of some sort, but there's a few too many floppy obitsus. I gave up on that idea and just did a group shot.
[Image: 6991853650_5ef2b1b21e_z.jpg]
back row: Cheza (Aquel) and Petal (Arietta), they both swapped their normal wigs for white ones
front row: Saya (Cinciallegra), Nero, and Greyson (Barasuishou)

[Image: 7137979955_f0a28ed788_z.jpg]
I took a few of just these two, and then my camera batteries died.

[Image: 7138890791_c2e13b9ee4_z.jpg]
All the editing was done in PicMonkey. Here I used a daguerreotype frame.
Wow! Your photos are amazing as are your girls! Good luck with the contest!
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Awww sooo cute Pics Special 2

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