Shiny Little Star
For my second Puddle Photo Contest enty, I ended up pairing a Dal and a Taeyang.
You can view all the entries here: ... tries-2012
And vote for your three favorites here:
[Image: 7004921960_c655f26823_z.jpg]
Here's Emmie (Charlemagne) posing with Sebastian.

I got some additional poses:
[Image: 7004921364_198c0c734a_z.jpg]

[Image: 7004921078_45edc09483_z.jpg]

[Image: 7004920798_d91862cdf5_z.jpg]
I think your entries are gorgeous...and the funny thing is that for some reason when I voted I didn't see the "sweet dreams" entry...and so this one got one of my votes. Emmie looks so sweet trying to catch the star...
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