Beautiful Kaori
Byuls just don't get enough love. So I decided to dress Kaori up and take out to get some pretty pics of her.

[Image: Kaoripretty.jpg]

[Image: Kaoripretty2.jpg]

[Image: Kaoripretty3.jpg]

[Image: Kaoripretty4.jpg]

[Image: Kaoripretty5.jpg]

[Image: Kaoripretty6.jpg]

[Image: Kaoripretty7.jpg]

[Image: Kaoripretty8.jpg]

[Image: Kaoripretty9.jpg]

[Image: Kaoripretty10.jpg]
You inspire me to take better notice of Byul. Kaori is such a wonderful doll, and I love seeing your pictures of her.
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She is too cute!
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She looks so pretty next to that ivy! Awesome pictures! smile
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She is adorable! smile

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