My One & Only Grail... OBTAIN'D!!! (extra pic posted)
Sooo... I have an Eos.

I. Can't. Even. Believe it. *mind explodes* Whacked

Back when I was so broke I couldn't fathom spending ANY amount of money on a doll, I had my eye on Eos. I absolutely knew I would never own her but dang was she oh so incredible. By the time I could finally afford to take the plunge and started collecting here and there, she was selling for $300-350 and I absolutely couldn't justify that cost on a doll that wasn't a BJD. So she became my one unobtainable grail.

WELLSLAPMESILLY. Because I found her. NRFB. For an amazingly good price. o.o

Uh... SOLD!

At first I was considering keeping her NRFB, but then I found a lost unopened obitsu in a box in the garage. And then I found the perfect wig. Aaaaand then I made the mistake of ogling other Eos' on Flickr. Ahem. She was meant to be opened *justify'd* LOL

.... so I did.... and she is so perfect/awesome/evenbettertheniexpected.... and I'm so thrilled to have her! Heart

[Image: 256xp53.jpg]

Ps. I wish it wasn't so rainy here right now! I need to take more pictures! AH! xd
Pps. Another pic added further down! smile
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