NerdFleet Feedback
For buying\selling\trading items.
+1 as a buyer. I sold her a pair of glass eyes and the transaction went well. Thank you...I hope your eyes work for your boy!
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+1 positive. I was the buyer. Nerdfleet sold me a used Taeyang Jade. She kept him on hold for a week for me as asked and sent him out immediately after I paid. He was in perfect condition; I actually think she was really generous in describing all flaws as he was even better than I expected he'd be from her description! Thank you so very much.

I would certainly buy from Nerdfleet again. She made this guy's day! ♥
I just bought a Pullip Melissa from Nerdfleet. She was really helpful in having her sent over to the UK, and she arrived perfectly wrapped in plenty of bubble to protect her. She's a wonderful doll in perfect condition. Thanks! xx
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