Dominoes anyone??
I was mooching for printable 1/6 scale bits & bobs yesterday, & I found some printable dominoes! I thought, wow, they're cool, so I printed some off & stuck them on some card. Then I decided to make a box for them. Next thing I knew I was on publisher making my own dominoes up, & designing a box! I nabbed a sheet of instructions off google images, printed the whole lot off & got busy with the card & glue, a low & behold..........

Pullip sized dominoes!!!...

[Image: 7392890598_65f869c1d0.jpg]
20120617_175817 by Lilcurly, on Flickr

[Image: 7392887708_c4c6cdc481.jpg]
20120617_180209 by Lilcurly, on Flickr

The box measures 4.5cms accross, & each domino is 5mm by 10mm! I got so excited about these that I ended up making 6 boxes! So, I was thinking I could sell them smile But I have no idea what to charge. They're made of card, & the box is covered with sellotape to make it shiny & hard wearing. I made everything myself on publisher, apart from the instruction sheet.

What do you guys think? Would you buy them? Would you buy other games like this? How much would you be willing to pay?

that is awesome
^ Thanks! smile

That's so cute! Isn't Publisher wonderful? I made something similar for my dolls (Hanafuda--Japanese flower cards).
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Publisher is awesome, it's so much easier to use than word or photoshop, & it's so flexible!


so tiny and adorable! i'd lose them instantly lol
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That is awesome!
A few years ago I found some key chains with older board games on them but they were more Pullip size. I recently came across a tiny pack of Tarot cards. I'm sure you could sell these but not sure how much. Maybe if you check Etsy for people who sell something similar?

I'd be very tempted but still waiting for Market Place access.
I will have a few dolls and more to sell here.
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^Blukat, that's a great idea! Thank you, I'll check Etsy out smile

I've also made some little picture/snap cards :p very cute!

They're very cute! But honestly, if I wanted a set I'd just make them myself.
Aww those dominos are amazing LOL
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Lol, fair enough! They are fun to make smile

Thanks little_spark :p

Thats soooo innovative Lilcurly grin

The dominos are just perfect for Pullips to have fun
Thanks smile I've decided I'm making games shelves for my pullips, so I've set to work making all sorts on publisher! My ink in my printer has run out though sad So I have to wait a few weeks before I can print them & start making things. But I'm going to get my bf to help me choose some wood, & make up a set of mini shelving smile

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