My sweet Risa custom <3
After a half of eternity my sweet Risa custom arrived <3
I bought her this cute Innocent World dress and a pure neemo body.
I'm sooo in love with her Special 2

Here she is Happy

[Image: 7407564152_3744cbac39_c.jpg]
[Image: 7407564516_638bc3bccc_c.jpg]
[Image: 7407564350_d8e7638229_c.jpg]
Love the freckles and she really rocks that dress!
Oh my gosh she is so cute!!
She is darling!
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She's too freaking cute!!!! I love it! grin
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Thank you guys Special 2 ~
She is SO sweet! I love the freckles <3

Yes the freckless are the cutest Special 2
Thank you ~
she looks so beautiful with this dress
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[Image: 6023292626_b737b12c20.jpg]

That fawn caplet is perfect for the whole look. She is so sweet!
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That dress is absolute love!
Her freckles look amazing and adorable~
Thank you so much <3
I'm sooo in love with her Special 2
Oh goodness!
She's soooo cute u_____________u
Congrats on such a cutie pie! <3
I adore the outfit, I need one like that for Eden. >3<
Awwww Thank you Special 2
Wow, the freckles make her look even sweeter! She's just so adorable! smile The Innocent World dress is perfect for her, and the pureNeemo body also looks great. Was it difficult to put her on that body?
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