Val's new look
Val was my second Pullip. She came to me second hand from Hong Kong, and was a little more loved than I had expected. Being a BNP, her wig was a nightmare. If it wasn't for that wig, I don't think I would have ever had the courage to rip off my girls wigs, let alone put eye chips in them. Val has also been a bit of a challenge for me, but as her character is a very difficult person, I suppose it is only fitting. I do feel like she has been coming together as of late.

Here's my girl just hanging out like the rock star she wants to be.

[Image: 7444067420_58c28ab402.jpg]

[Image: 7444067078_3968a6ffe8.jpg]
Monstro Designs wig and KiraKira chips.

[Image: 7444067780_0197e6e20b.jpg]
She braved the spider webs to play by the electrical box just because I told her not to.

[Image: 7444066788_201a8e980b.jpg]
Yes Val, I know it's dangerous. Now come back here.
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Lol I love her! The wig and eye combo is gorgeous, and that outfit is so cool! smile
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^seconded! Gorgeous girl smile

She looks great--I can see she likes to live dangerously.
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All it takes is that first wig you just can't stand any more to make you give rewigging a try. She looks cute in the fur.
I like her new wig. It compliments her pretty blue eyes.

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