Doll family photo - 7 years, wow
I haven't had time for any hobby awhile, some troubles and such other things...

My dollies hair were covered in dust, clothing had a layer of cat hair and uber-dust (seriosly, it was almost alive!!).

There were clean spots where doll sitted or put their feet.

So I managed an hour to make them photos. I finally made a photo of all of them*.

I hope you enjoy it smile

Only Crimson is with me for the whole time, but atm this is how my collection looks* - 7 years of collecting dolls!
(Stand only and two unfinished customs not included; please contact OP immidiately to see if dolls are available in your country. We are sorry for all inconvinience)

[Image: img_5232.jpg]

[Image: img_5241.jpg]

[Image: img_5237.jpg]

[Image: img_5238.jpg]

[Image: img_5242.jpg]

[Image: img_5234.jpg]

[Image: img_5236.jpg]

[Image: img_5240.jpg]


[Image: img_5244.jpg]

[If you want to read more read their profiles!]
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I know how it is to have other things take away from your dolls, I hope everything is okay! You've got a great doll family!
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Awesome smile They're so individual!

Wow! They're all so good looking! You've done a great job with the clothing too! smile
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They all look awesome! I love Ao's and Absynthe's senses of style! * u*
Your dolls are all so unique & different. I love looking at photos of them, and think it is really cool how they are all posed in that chair.

I hope things are working out for you--real life is hard and dealing with it is a challenge...but hopefully the dolls are some sort of comfort for you when it gets really rough.
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I love them!!
the taeyangs are gorgeous! and are much more pullips!!

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