Rose's Makeover
(Forgive me if this should go in customizing, but all I did really was change her wig and outfit ^^wink
I nabbed my Cinciallegra, Rose, off of ebay a few months ago for a good price...Although I like her stock in individual pieces, all together all that gray made her a bit drab, so I took it off and replaced it with a purple dress. I had also let her stock wig down from its braided up-do, leaving it a straw-like MESS. I had it pulled back until I could figure out what to do with it, and tonight, I finally did something! Behold, THE TRANSFORMATION OF ROSE *dun dun dunnn*:

[Image: 7708540228_ca7da9b10b_z.jpg]
Rose-Before by ClaireAnneN, on Flickr

Cinciallegra has a lovely face-up and pretty gray eyes...However, with her big ol' poofy wig and a too-big dress, she just looked frumpy, even with such a lovely face.

[Image: 7708539968_2bf68d711e_z.jpg]
Rose-Before by ClaireAnneN, on Flickr

Hair down, it's like it's trying to be Zuora's wig and failing miserably at it.

[Image: 7708539636_fc2797bed5_z.jpg]
That was on my head?! by ClaireAnneN, on Flickr

Rose can't believe that pile of evil was on her head!

[Image: 7708539354_f8f932d260_z.jpg]
Blondie! by ClaireAnneN, on Flickr

Now, she has Uncanricky's stock wig, which I fixed up by running the ringlets under water, then combing out for a full curly look.

And with the addition of a new dress, Rose's makeover is complete! With just a change of a wig and outfit, she's a totally different girl smile

[Image: 7708538032_26c9f31be2_z.jpg]
New dress! by ClaireAnneN, on Flickr

[Image: 7708538524_ecf3ba4276_z.jpg]
How do I look? ^^ by ClaireAnneN, on Flickr

[Image: 7708545488_125f57f3ed_z.jpg]
Sitting Pretty by ClaireAnneN, on Flickr

[Image: 7708544588_b5ac277349_z.jpg]
Ready for the shelf! smile by ClaireAnneN, on Flickr

I've been really thinking of getting her an obitsu (along with one for my Panda, Bamboo, who is FLOPPY!), after posing her for some photos today I realized just how squeaky and stiff type 3 bodies are ^^;;
I like Rose's new look! That Uncanricky wig looks tons better than the stock wig she came with, and the dress is so cute & sassy! smile
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She looks gorgeous! I was amazed at what a nightmare my cinci's wig was once I took the plaits out :p It goes crazy lol.

Oh wow, what a transformation!
IMHO, Cinciallegra with stock wig looks like some hideous grandma but you've made her look young and beautiful again! LOL
She looks stunning ClaireAnneN <3
*Such* a dramatic change- but definitely in a good way. From frump to fantastic grin

Aww, You've made me want to go take and post some pics of my Cinci lol (Allies' currently sporting a cute short wig)
I love, love, love Cincis! They look gorgeous in almost anything. How Groove saddled them with such boring stock and wig is beyond me.
I just love that her name is Rose and you gave her cute red accessories! LOL
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