My brown eyed girls
[Image: Bild027.jpg]
[Image: Bild028.jpg]

Thank you, KiraKira! smile
They're both beauties! KiraKira's chips are fantastic!
Tatianna (Uncanricky), Kittie (Naomi), Omega/Mini-Me (Grell), Alys (Yeolume), Priscilla (Eris), Grell (Male Grell), Nanachan (Nanachan), Sebastianne (Stica), Natalie (Natalie), Sylvie Valentine (Premium Pullip Veritas Crimson Version), Strawberry Rose (Siry), Karen (Karen), Marie (Marie), Angela (Cheshire Cat Steampunk), Alice (Optical Alice), Noir (Regen Noir), Jeanne (Jeanne)
Pullip Alura, Pullip Elizabeth Always on the hunt for Re-Ment
They look so pretty and sweet. I'm partial to brown eyes myself. smile
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kitten-squid: Thank you! Yes she does. smile

KiraKira: Me too. A bit egoistic? grin

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