End of Summer Photo Bomb
I added three new members to my family this month. I held off on buying all of them until the end of the summer, so it's not as bad as it sounds.
Two of them were also bargains so it's a little betteryay

[Image: 7977836482_c7aa818d49.jpg]

Jade has been on my list for a while, and I was starting to fear he would sell out before I got to him. I broke down and bought him because there's no better Taeyang to be my Takashi.

[Image: 7977837978_9ca7814e60.jpg]

Takashi still needs some work. He'll be getting some KiraKira chips (I already have them) and a black fur wig (I have yet to acquire). He needs some new clothes too. He is the youngest son of an Yakuza Oyabun, but more on that when I get around to writing profiles. sly You know, because I'm good at that part...

[Image: 7976529118_bfa2420c91.jpg]

William is such a stuffy looking character.

[Image: 7976528198_eb52b343c4.jpg]

He can be very cute though. He has the most interesting eyes; they are clear with a blue ring around the very outside rim. I like his bottom lashes, and the thin blue line they have above his eyes.

[Image: 7977837555_9b648da35f.jpg]

William in on his way be becoming Nate. He still needs his KiraKira chips and a brown fur wig though. Nate will eventually cross paths with Laura, and be lucky (or unlucky enough) to catch her eye.

[Image: 7977837628_0091822c62.jpg]

Entertainment Earth's awesome summer clearance sale let me finally pick up Date. I am in love with this girl's wig. It's soft, and feels so realistic. It's up there on my list of best ever stock wigs.

[Image: 7977836070_6049fb9237.jpg]

Date will be replacing my SDCC Catwoman as Lex. I love my Catwoman, but she's too smiley and happy to pull off the character. Date makes a much better ex-military street mercenary. This might make more sense if I put together my pic-fics or at least profiles. Sweatdrop I think I'll make that my next project, as my want list of dolls is down to three.
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What a productive summer for your doll collection! Once upon a time, I also had two of the dolls that you recently added...but sadly, they couldn't stay.

I am definitely looking forward to pic-fics with your new additions and also seeing them with the wig & eye changes you've got planned. Congratulations on expanding the doll family!
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Wow! Quite a haul, they sound like they will be great additions to your doll family! Congratulations! smile
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ooooooooooooo jade and date! nice dollie haul! smile
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Congrats on the expanding family! Jade is a nice choice and William is a sweetheart! I have a hankering for Date, maybe one of these days. And I guess now I know why you're interested in making fur wigs!
profiles pic-fics profiles pic-fics profiles pic-fics!!!!! Lol smile Looking forward to them, those are some great additions.

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