I got Fanatica! (comparison original and regeneration)
I was afraid this was too good to be true, but now she is here, complete and so perfect! I've always adored Fanatica, but not to the point of paying the price... so I got the Regen, thinking she looked close enough, but I have not been able to bond with her at all - something just feels off with the regens.

Anyway, I stumbled upon a really cheap BIN on eBay, I actually thought it was the regen first and was beyond excited to find it wasn't. And now that I have her in my hands, I can say that getting the original made all the difference - I absolutely love her! It's dark though so I only took two pictures for now;

[Image: 8024048455_379ebd4719.jpg] Fanatica by Rosse86, on Flickr

[Image: 8024048313_77c89e3329.jpg]
Fanatica: Original & Regeneration by Rosse86, on Flickr

Here's a comparison of the old and new release. I don't have the outfit on the re-issue so can't compare that, sorry. Photographed with flash, I will try to take a better one in daylight later!

The actual face-ups are very similar. The only differences I can find are that Re-Fan has somewhat slimmer and lighter eyebrows, and more visible pink eyeliner on the sides of the eyes. Still, I think the difference in expression is huge, and that lies of course in the face mold, and eyes. Re-fan also has a much paler complexion.

The wigs have very similar colour, but the new one is much shinier, has more defined curls and is a bit longer. Re-Fan's wig is of decent quality, although the bangs are a little wonky and I had to take off and re-position it when I got it as it was a bit crooked.
Regen Fan looks pretty close to the original, but I prefer the older pullip models, so I guess I'd feel similar to you do. Congrats on getting the original, though I must admit as far as Regens go, Regen Fan is cute!
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Congrats! And I have to agree that even though Re-Fan is better than some of the Regens, the original is the best!
I think I know why ReFan is better than the other Re's... the eyes!

I figured out that I hate ReMoon because she doesn't have the sultry eyes the oldest Pullips have. It takes away a LOT from the doll.

But of course, there are still enough differences here that make Original Fanatica look way better than ReFan. smile Congrats on finding her!!
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Yes the dark eyes of Fanatica make the bigger pupils less noticable than in the other regens. smile
And original and Re-Fan are cute not snarky or angry looking.
Surprisingly, side by side I find that original Fan looks even cuter and more innocent than the new one. I know we've been complaining that the new dolls all looks so generically sweet, but I actually think the slimmer eyes have the opposite effect.
Rosse, would you be willing to do me a favour? I have original Fan & have been struggling to bond with her. I think it's because of the neck position (I have all type 3's & 4's so I'm not used to it), it makes her jaw look like it's jutting forwards :s I've been wondering if re-Fan might be a better option for me. Anyhow, would you be willing to take a picture of both from the side, next to eachother for me, so I can see wat their neck positions look like?

Aw I'm sorry, I just shipped Re-Fan off to her new owner a couple of days ago! :/
D'oh, lol, ah well, nevermind smile

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