Feedback for CasseminaPie
Hi Everyone!

I am still new here but have feedback on MLPArena (CasseminePie) and eBay (Cassy808) smile
+1 as a buyer. Nice to deal with, quick responses. smile
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+1 as a buyer! She bought obitsus and several other items from me. She was very friendly, paid promptly, and let me know as soon as the items arrived. Thanks so much Cassy! smile
+1 as a seller too! I got a lovely wig and several dresses all shipped with care. Thank you!

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+ as a buyer

Cassy bought Victorique from me and was a pleasure to deal with. smile
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+1 as a seller/item finder!

After I mentioned it in the Item ID thread, Cassy found the perfect Pullip-sized pool table and sent it to me from Australia. Great communication and very friendly. The box was packaged perfectly and arrived quickly! Thank you so much!
+1 as a fabulous buyer - sweet & friendly and lightning fast payment smile thankyou.
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So sweet to deal with, now I have bought from and sold to CassaminaPie, and I just love her! Be sure to read her blog too, it's great!

La la la, I don't know. The world forget... Feel like so!

Life's too short for ugly dolls!
+1 as a seller! Cassy sold me a beautiful stock outfit. It was packaged securely and shipped quickly, even from Australia. Communication was friendly and prompt. Cassy is a delight to do business with! Thank you so much! A++
+1 as a seller
Cassie sold me a lovely wig, it arrived lightning fast. She is a pleasure to talk to.
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+1 as a seller! Bought 2 lovely pullips from her and an outfit, items were exactly as described, plus she added some extra goodies as well! Also very quick response to emails and very friendly! smile
Would buy from her again!! Thank you Cassy yay ! A++
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+1 as a seller grin

Cassy sold me one unboxed doll - friendly and communicative seller, the doll was shipped quickly and arrived safely packaged! Thanks so much grin
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+1 as a Seller!
Simply amazing! Wonderful communication & very helpful! I bought some wigs & eyechips, which arrived in the quickest time ever!! Thank you so much Cassy! Heart 2
+1 as seller! Ddalgi is beautiful, thank you so much!
+1 for a great seller.

Great communication, doll was well-packaged and in perfect condition. Exactly what i was expecting and I couldn't be happier. Thank you!

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