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BB Sebastian Tutor Version
[Image: 8041446911_b6fb8e56a2_z.jpg]
[Image: 8041454138_ebc8d4921b_z.jpg]
Adelle (Pullip Uncanricky), Duke (Taeyang Jade), Max (Taeyang Kain), Ian (Taeyang Sebastian Private Teacher), Ethan (Taeyang Captain Hook), Samantha (Pullip Nahh-ato), Noah (Taeyang Gyro), Julius (Taeyang Tantus), Lexi (Taeyang Seiran), Giorno (Taeyang Custom), Ryoma (Taeyang Arashi), Matthias (Taeyang Sol), Eli (Taeyang Sage), Syd (BJD 1/3 B&G Afra)
Ohh so that's the handsome stud on your icon grin Is there a faceup difference with Tutor version and regular Sebastian?
Oh, you changed his eyes, I like it! Wow, I could fall for a guy like that....

La la la, I don't know. The world forget... Feel like so!

Life's too short for ugly dolls!

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