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A day for Sunny Rays
I found some violets in my yard, promises of spring. And who better to celebrate that with then Sunny Rays? grin

[Image: 8607322152_79ebde4a05.jpg]
Sunny Rays

[Image: 8607326228_24a5ffc49f.jpg]
Sunny Rays & Trixie

Trixie wanted to get in on the fun, too! grin
[Image: blackrosedivider1.gif]

Home: Lenore, Drossel, Rory, Faust,

So cute! I love how they look with flowers in their manes.
i love her colors
[Image: branch.gif]
Waiting for: Bat child Lea (SP), Minifee Body.
Wishing for: Tin man Lea Lati

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