show me your siblings/related dolls please! :)
Thanks! Madelaine is wearing J-Doll Gran Via stock and El is wearing Generation Girl Mari's stock shirt

natthecat: You're not the first to guess Maguna for El's brother. He'd make a good match for an Edge. Oh look, isn't that a Maguna lurking in one of my old photos:
[Image: 4420898288_5c376535e9.jpg]
KiraKira: I didn't start out intending to make all the Dolte Porte dolls siblings, it just kind of evolved that way.
[Image: 6005852309_d9bac2ca68.jpg]

old picture, but these are my only sisters.
Oooooh, I love Mercu & Jupi smile Great sister set kaninchen!

I went through my Pullips and Isuls, and I found a perfect adorable set of siblings with a similar type of smokey eyeshadow;

[Image: 9553524985_b04a52017d.jpg]
Kaela is Mori's sister! by Mahohime
Loki and his elder sister, 'Andrea'

Although currently I want to give them a closer resemblance by having their faceup remade (by Myufish?)
Aw, cute siblings, Joichi! :3

I rewigged my Suigintou and got another pair of siblings, haha. Tongue

On the left is Bella (Barasuishou), and on the right is her older sister, Sara (Suigintou).
Bella (Pullip Barasuishou)Sara (Pullip Suigintou)

The name pairing is rather coincidental, as I used to collect Bella Sara cards. xP
[Image: 49035651448_1fbe84a2fc_o_d.jpg]

Great pair Joichi! smile

NatTheCat, I love the eyechips on your girls they look really striking.


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