Isul Mad Hatter, aka Zeb: Some photo spam
When he took up residence at my house, Isul Mad Hatter renounced his stock name and christened himself Zebulon, or Zeb for short. Here's some Zeb spam. He thinks he's pretty hot $h!t, so ignore his ridiculous attitude. wink He is wearing a gigantic faux fur wig and Bratz Boyz clothes. Massive versions of these photos, plus others, are available on my Flickr if you would like to view them. I hope you enjoy these!

[Image: 9631717037_70f575526e_z.jpg]
Isul Mad Hatter by vadafade, on Flickr

[Image: 9634954248_cdbdbc7837_z.jpg]
Isul Mad Hatter by vadafade, on Flickr

[Image: 9634955686_d6c127152c_z.jpg]
Isul Mad Hatter by vadafade, on Flickr

[Image: 9634957098_6f9f4545a2_z.jpg]
Isul Mad Hatter by vadafade, on Flickr
I love his tangy hair! He looks stubborn and rebellious, yes Tongue
[My Flickr]
ISO: Pullip Yuki stock wig / Pullip Panda glasses / Dal Tweety stock outfit / Byul Secomi stock outfit

Oh wow. Are those his stock eyechips!? They are SO COOL and they tie his hair into his face up so elegantly! He is so fab!
[Image: 12367494213_3f89d3a0da.jpg]
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He looks pretty cool with that screaming orange wig! Does he have the slightest bit of teeth painted in there or is that just a trick of the light?
What a cool Isul! That wig complements his faceup perfectly.
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Thanks, guys! Pixachii: Yep, those are his stock chips!! I love them! CB: Nope, no teeth; that's just the light. smile
I just noticed his eyebrows, those are really different.
Yeah, aren't they weird? wink I find that I actually prefer them to a lot of other Isul stock eyebrows, though.

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