Dal Sisters Makeover
So today I have to show you guys the wonderful talented transformation that akuma dolly did for my two little dals!

This is how they both look before:
[Image: cid0.jpg]

How they look like after customized:
Say Cheese!

Alicia used to be my Melize, and now transformed. She is given a meek look with a gentle smile, her new face now matches her 'twin' sister. 'Dorothy' was a Hina Ichigo, but her new look's so rebellious and spunky! that I need a stronger name.. at the moment, I dub her 'Shana' for her matching hair. Let me know what name can you invent for her?

She's currently on a 25cm obitsu, hence she looks taller yet her height does add to her 'older sister' presence.

Sisters in dresses

With their new personalities, it's much easier to make picfics and write on their back-stories or that's just me. yay

Alicia and 'Shana'?
I like their makeovers! The face-ups are so gentle and soft.
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I agree with KiraKira! They look so soft.<3 ^-^

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They look great! I love their new eyebrows and lips -- very sweet!

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