Can Fray-check cause problems with Pullip/Dal plastic?
Does anyone know? I love the stuff for finishing tiny seams, but I'm a little bit concerned about long-term exposure. I'm about to make some stuff for my Etsy shop, so I want to know. Can it (or fabri-tac? ) cause any melt / discoloration? Has anyone experienced this?
I use it all the time and haven't experienced a problem. But, that doesn't mean if you left your doll in the same dress for years with it making contact in the same place that there might not be a problem. I've never seen a definitive answer one way or the other. You could always contact the manufacturer and inquire.
I very much doubt there'd be any problems, I haven't heard of any reported.
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I've never experienced any melting problems with Fray-Check, but it has never come in contact with my dolls' faces.

Have you asked on any other forums? Maybe someone on the PS forum has more info?

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