Welcome, Wren!
This Christmas, I got a new doll. It was a Tantus, and I've decided to name him Wren! Here he is!

As I'm sure you can see, I had fun trying him in different outfits like this sweater and the Black Butler Sebastian stock.

[Image: b3fab99f-52b3-47bc-b191-587ef4e4ee84_zps00172524.jpg]

[Image: b922f0b2-0b8a-4efc-8d17-adb0bd108948_zpscb4c23b9.jpg]

[Image: c33c9f4f-bbaa-4ddc-9753-f1f631121cb2_zps23163486.jpg]

[Image: fd9bd352-0336-4be8-a50e-4573ef75ded4_zps08b83d81.jpg]

I played a little with the editing on this one, which isn't something I'm all that familiar with.
Aww he's a cutie. Congrats. smile
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He's so handsome! Congrats on your new boy! Really liking his name!
Aw, your Wren is such a handsome guy! Congratulations!! yay

I have a soft spot for Tantus; he's such an under-appreciated Taeyang who needs more love. I have 5 Taes and my Tantus is probably my fave; he's just such a versatile little guy <3
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I never really noticed how handsome Tantus is...I love the shadowing by his eyes. Congrats on the new boy!
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Congrats! Tantus is one of my fav Taeyangs.
He is one of my fav Taeyang dolls!

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