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Positive feedback for Snur ! smile

I bought a Taeyang Sebastian - Private Teacher Version to Snur and received it last week.
I could pay through layaway (first payment of 50$ and next payment one month after of remaining price + shipping price), and Snur even agreed to ship the doll after Christmas to avoid the Christmas rush (here, many many packages get "lost" during Christmas time). smile

The doll was well packaged (and came with a broken leg, but that's because of the custom office - or the very "delicate" way the post office throws the packages) with a lot of bubble wrap and the outfit was packaged in a ziplog bag (not sure if that's called like that ?).

I highly recommend Snur as a seller ! ♥
+1 Happy

I adopted Snur's beautiful Pere Noel. Communication was excellent and she's a packing pro—everything arrived safely, even the fragile bits! I would absolutely do business with her again.

Thank you!
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