So Cavalie FINALLY got here yesterday. Happy

USPS seemed to completely ignore the part where they were supposed to actually the tracking system, because the package was still listed as in Arizona waiting to ship, but when I was about to go run errands, I found this, wedged in a snowdrift, on my back porch.

[Image: image170.jpeg]

Of course I had to bring the box in and open it.

[Image: image172.jpeg]

Oh, and as a bonus:
[Image: image171.jpeg]

(My giant cat, Buzz, was SO EXCITED that there was finally a box big enough for him to fit in! Most boxes are too small for his chubby kitty self. :3)

I didn't remove him from the packaging until after the errands (and I was EXHAUSTED, LOL). ...I never thought I'd come across packaging that made unboxing Monster High girls seem easy in comparison!

I didn't get any good pictures while taking him out of the box, I think I was too impatient. But oh, he is lovely. I am so impressed by the craftsmanship of his clothing. I'm 98% sure his shirt is silk chiffon (and silk chiffon is my is my favorite fabric but chiffon is a nightmare.)

I showed his picture to my mom and she said he kind of reminded her of Will Turner from the end of Pirates of the Caribbean when he's got that ridiculous giant hat on! (His hat is rather ridiculous. And feathery. It got stashed away because I don't want the cats to steal it, even though I don't think I'll ever be using it.)

Since it's over 80 degrees in my apartment ( landlord is an idiot...) I decided that I could display him in his shirtsleeves. So I packed away his jacket (and slightly ridiculous neck ruff) for the time being.

[Image: image173.jpeg]

So here he is just lounging!
I'm naming him Cyril, after a character in a victorian/fantasy world a friend and I used to write. I think all my dolls are going to be characters that fit into his storyline! Cyril is, therefore, a pampered nobleman who publishes rather subversive stories and plays under an assumed name (...but pretty much everyone - except his parents- knows his real identity. grin)

Needless to say, I'm thrilled to pieces. Even if I'm pretty sure at least one of his feet is broken off in his boots. I found a tutorial to fix it though, so I can fix it, worst case scenario!

Now I'm still waiting on Sol and Aurora (and then another paycheck.....Sweatdrop)
Congrats! I love Cavalie's warm, golden tones.
He looks good! I'm glad that he was safe despite being in the snowdrift. smile
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Aw, congrats on your new boy! yay It's cool to know you have a character for him, I'm glad to hear you're really liking him. Buzz is so cute!
And by the way, Sol is amazing. wink <3Heart 2<3
[Image: 49035651448_1fbe84a2fc_o_d.jpg]

Aw, dear of him, stuck in a snowdrift. Postmen are so rude! Tongue

Cyril is delightful and you sound very happy with him; I think the Taeyangs officially have you under their spell xD

Also EE CAT IN A BOX :HEART: bwahaha what IS it with cats and boxes? My kitty Dinah 'adopts' every Avon and Amazon box that enters that house xD Dear little Buzz looks very comfy in his!
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Congratulations!! Cavalie's face up looks great! and other stocks too~ I like your kitty! So cute.
Congratulations! Cavalie is one of my favorite Taeyangs, and Cyril is a great name. He looks so lovely and elegant in your photos!

I'm excited to see how Sol and Aurora fit into his storyline! Rb_shy
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Oh, I should have clarified: it was the GOOD kind of snowdrift wedge, where as little of the box is in contact with the wet snow as possible! I think they learn how to do that at postman school here in the snowbelt :3. My postman is pretty great: my apartment is part of a big 19th century house carved into four apartments, and while the official mailbox is on the front porch, my connecting door to that porch is just a faux door. I told him this once (after chasing him down at the neighbors to get the parcel he didn't leave because I didn't get outside fast enough when he knocked at the inoperable door). Ever since, he leaves parcels at the back porch for me and has occasionally left ALL my mail there during blizzards. smile

Of all my cats, my Buzz is the one most interested in my dolls. (I have a great picture of him posing with my Monster High Torelai in a show of striped cat solidarity!) The last time I dumped out my box of MH clothes to do a mass redress, he came to nest in the pile and fell asleep in it in a quite adorable fashion. (I don't know if you all are fans of random cat pictures, if you are, I can post them!)

I love my Cyril so much. smile ((and I know exactly how Aurora ("Alanna") and Sol fit into the story, but I'll reveal that when they arrive! :3
Congrats on Cavalie! =) He's got gorgeous eyes *O* (i'm a huge fan of the purple color).

And you're cat is so adorable ^-^
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I finished my first Taeyang shirt. Cyril is serving as a slightly reluctant model.

[Image: CA910D9F-9910-4A27-BA64-0D434003D0FF.jpg]

[Image: 9253BF9D-518C-4390-9CFC-BEBB1439B3F5.jpg]
So this just happened and it made me giggle.

[Image: BC2AC00F-3175-4446-868E-FE6FB44FA158.jpg]

Cyril is all "..."

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