Wandering souls~
I have some more ladies that I have customized. These girls are my little ghosts or lost souls.. Eventually I will get around to posting a profile for my girls :3

First up is Gabriela, a sugar skull. I am still working on her, but her wig and chips came in recently so naturally I couldn't resist wink

[Image: 13480207505_1866c07f18_o.jpg]

[Image: 13480207365_57efd665aa_o.jpg]

[Image: 13480590784_7f5f551caa_o.jpg]

Second is Elizabeth I customized her some time ago, but I wasn't completely finished with her. I would like to go back and redo some of her face and switch out her chips for a glossier look. (currently the chips now are frosted)

[Image: 13529583365_94c41419c4_o.jpg]

[Image: 13529897694_c2cf7331d9_o.jpg]

[Image: 13529677613_cd215e4b15_o.jpg]

Here is a group photo of them smile
[Image: 13529680293_6a1aa60a00_b.jpg]

Thanks for looking! grin
Wow, Gabriela is such an elaborate art.
Also, your Elizabeth quite turned out looking more like an Isul. She's staring into me so much, give's me a bit of chills. keke

Please post away pics when they're finished smile
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The paintwork on Gabriela is stunning! Wow!
I love both girls smile Your day of the dead girl is indeed beautifully painted, and dressed !~ (did you make her spiderweb cape? I want it LOL ) Can I ask where you got the wig from?

Elizabeth looks awesome, a cross between pullip and Living Dead Doll, which I adore smile I have a relative of hers living with me I think, I adopted Samara from a lovely young woman who has since left pullips. She customised her and she has a similar feel to your girl smile
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Aw thank you guys <3

@beajjai033 She does kind of remind me a little bit like an Isul now that you mention it. It may have to do with how I carved her lips. When I retouch her I will probably fix that Tongue

@Miss Edith I actually made her whole outfit. It's three pieces: her cape thingy, chiffon skirt, and a dress that I had hand sewn before I received a sewing machine :3
Her wig I purchased from a wonderful etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/natrume They have an awesome selection of mohair wigs and a huge selection of color! It was worth every penny I spent smile
I believe I remember Samara if I am not mistaken smile I'm glad she found a wonderful home :3
oooo, I should have known smile You are ALL so multi talented upside down If you ever feel like making another cape, do please let me know grin
OMG I just glanced quickly at the wig shop. I am about to be in deep trouble LOL Mohair wigs are my weakness and there's so many coloursss ,,, * walks into store w/ pretty pretty wigs -- BRAINS ! LOL
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I'm not so much into sugar skulls, but I can appreciate the work that goes into hand painting a design like that. Nice job!
Yooo, the linework on the sugar skull is flawless, that second picture is awesome.

Elizabeth is looking really amazing as well~
They are awesome, creepy but in a cool way grin. Love them both <3.
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That paintwork is awesome. The last pic of them together is very atmospheric!

love the work you've put in here smile They are very unique and have lots of character
Aw thank you all so much <3
Aww I love how festive and even somewhat joyous Sugar Skull looks and by comparison how haunted and fearful Elisabeth looks. They're beautifully done.
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i am be-smitten. massively.

and i want elisabeth's dress desperately.
Thank you smile

@kaninchen Elizabeth's dress is Vintage Barbie and it was quite a task to find. A friend of mine had one and I loved the dress so much that I had to have one myself ^^;

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