The weather where I live has finally decided to stop being horrible, so I figured I should run outside and snap a couple of quick pictures of my Luka Megurine, Irene.
[Image: 13747714353_85bf5f93ed_b.jpg]
[Image: 13747714663_473875c930_c.jpg]
Aw, she's a cutie! What kind of chips is she wearing?
She's gorgeous. Is that a Monique wig? It looks so soft! smile
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she is so very pretty and the colour of those eyes - WOW. Are they stock?
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Horrible weather; ha. She looks like she's saying, "What is this strange sensation.... sunshine??"
Cute smile
[Image: 52753689362_648099ee70_o.jpg]
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Vadafade and Miss Edith - She has kirakira eyechips (these ones, specifically)
Kirakira - yes, it is a monique wig! And it is sooo soft. I usually keep her next to me when I'm on my computer just in case I get the uncontrollable urge to pet her hair LOL
Alliecat - lol, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've taken her outside while the sun is shining, I can totally imagine her saying that!
She has lovely eyes smile I wouldn't even know she's Luka unless you've mentioned it - she is really improved.
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(04-10-2014, 12:34 PM)pinkhaireddoll Wrote: Vadafade and Miss Edith - She has kirakira eyechips (these ones, specifically)

You know, I thought they were Kira eyes, but I couldn't totally tell because of the light! Kira eyes are the best -- a good 60% of my dolls have them. Your girl looks amazing!
Kira eyes are totally the best! Off topic, but does anyone have a Kira eye color suggestion for my Naomi?
Thanks, everyone!

Vadafade - Heck yeah they're the best! I've got them in 2 of my 5 dolls and I fully intend to put them in as many of my future dolls as I can.

Severiy - Tbh I'd recommend taking a close up picture of her face, opening it with photoshop and adjusting her eye color till you find one you think looks good with her wig and face-up, then find the closest kira eye color you can! That's what I did to figure out what hair color and eye color I wanted for Irene and it worked out pretty nicely. smile
The brown eyes really compliment her gold hair Heart
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Thanks, Missy_Crane! I love this hair/eye combo on her. smile
She's lovely!

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