Columbus Dolly Mini Meet 4/19/14
Event Name: Columbus Dolly Mini Meet
Time: 11:00 at Craftin Outlaws and 1:00 at Goodale Park
Date: 4/19/14
Location: Columbus, OH (Convention Center then Goodale Park)

I'm not organizing this mini meet but thought I'd share it, just in case anyone can make it to the meet tomorrow! Here's the information from Sarah, one of the organizers.

"Hey ladies! Just a reminder that tomorrow we're meeting at 11 at the Convention Center for Craftin' Outlaws. We're meeting AGAIN (in case we get separated, or people can't make it by 11) at Goodale Park at 1:00. You are responsible for obtaining your own lunch in between. We'll meet at the corner of the park that's closest to the convention center, at the corner of Park Street and West Goodale Street. There's an entrance right there."

The plan is to meet at the craft show, split for lunch (I believe), and then regroup in the park.

My mom and I should be there but may miss the craft show but should be at the park. grin Anyone else going?
(I apologize, I know this is last minute. Just thought I'd share anyway.)
Hello, Becca! I keep trying to access the link you posted here, but I can't view the event. Maybe it's set to private?

In any case, I would have loved to go, but my day today filled up! I could have swung it with a little more of a heads up! ^^; Oh well, I'll certainly see you at the next one! Heart
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Yep, too short of notice for me. Maybe some other time.

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