muriel's springtime adventure
i was at my mom's house for easter, and all the cute plants were in bloom, yay!

[Image: 13918580781_5d3ca22ef9.jpg]
by the pond by Spectacular Bear, on Flickr

first i took her to the small pond, covered in moss. she was more concerned with not falling in than the nature, though LOL

[Image: 13942162924_7047f930e5.jpg]
tree climbing by Spectacular Bear, on Flickr

this tree was more to her liking, the branch was the perfect size~

[Image: 13918638101_e416fbd4c3.jpg]
tree climbing by Spectacular Bear, on Flickr

it ended up super comfy, so she decided to nap

[Image: 13918724771_2ef1fff1dc.jpg]
relaxing springtime by Spectacular Bear, on Flickr

after she wanted to go sit by the flowers but she was still pretty tired... z z z
Muriel is so cute in that wig! With her eyebrows showing, she looks like a worrier Tongue
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Adorable <3. I think Froggy looks much better with her eyebrows showing, I push the bangs out of the way on mine smile.
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Froggy is the sweetest looking girl! I think it's amazing how much of a difference her eyebrows can make. Her character is so different when the show.
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She is so adorable!
Sweet photos, she looks very peaceful napping.
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Cute! And she has a four-leaf-clover necklace!
That garden/patio area looks quite intriguing.
[Image: 52753689362_648099ee70_o.jpg]
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I like the first picture, on the mossy rocks. Froggy is adorable!

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