Original Pullip Moon
I am super excited to finally own a Pullip Moon. She came today and I couldn't wait to show her off. She had been in her box for a long time so she had a lot of staining. However, I was able to get most of it off, except her hands and feet. I am sure to find a cure for that soon enough though smile

I really have grown a love for the older girls. A lot of the newer girls I see do not have nearly as much personality as the older girls do. I would really love to eventually get more of the older girls, such lovelies smile

[Image: 14378937866_2906fdef8e_c.jpg]

[Image: 14422225873_2a1f47bb90_c.jpg]

[Image: 14215619357_800d9c0b6a_c.jpg]

Bonus pics: Pullip Moon and Withered

Both Moon and Withered arrived the same day. Withered is visiting us for a few days all the way from Australia to get a Spa treatment. Of course Moon wanted to get before pics with her grin

[Image: 14215621867_92f0b5a594_z.jpg]

[Image: 14400961144_e250d3da2d_c.jpg]

Thanks for looking smile
awww, my girl looks lovely in that outfit Heart 2 A definite wig coming up when she gets home LOL. Moon was very kind to share her homecoming photo smile

Moon really is gorgeous. So is her dress. I am one of many who agree with you on the older girls I think. Since the voting threads started, I have noticed many changes in people's wishlists.
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I love Moon! So pretty!
As far as the staining goes, have you tried alcohol? (You probably have, but I somehow ended up with a cheap bottle of tequila and it takes the stains off of just about anything. Of course I'm not sure if it would damage the plastic!)
You are so lucky to have an original Moon! She's amazingly beautiful. And she has so much character.
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Congrats! She's awesome!
I've always liked Moon's eyes; she looks so sly and so sophisticated in her new outfit. I bet you were biting your nails until you got her home (well... that's how I am when I buy a new girl LOL).
She's so pretty. I used to not be a huge fan of T1 girls but lately I've been drawn to them more. smile Congrats!
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Aw! She and Miss Edith's Withered are having a bonding moment Heart 2

She looks thrilled to be home smile I've always been enchanted with Moon's beautiful hair colour an eyes. I totally subscribe to the idea that she may have been inspired by Sailor Moon's Luna!
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I was never a fan of Moon (having only seen regen pics), but the original has so much personality! Yeah, original is definitely much better than regen. She looks really good. smile
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Thanks everyone <3

@Miss Edith I've noticed alot more people getting a lot of feels for the older girls. I am not sure when they changed Pullip's face,but one of the reason I don't like Bloody Red Hood is because she doesn't have a chin. I hate to imagine what the other girls 2012 till now look like. I don't like that they cut so much of the chin back. It makes them look a little goofy, and tall collared shirts don't work on them as well. Bloody Red Hood is the only newest girl I own so I don't know slash

@Severity I used nail polish remover (just acetone) on her body and sanded the back of her head to get most of the stains. Her hands and feet are the only thing left that are stained. I may either try those bleaching face creams (for acne) or I will try something called goof off that can remove stains from plastic. I am scared to try drinking alcohol lol

@rayelm I was very eager to get her grin
I see what you mean but I have to admit it doesn't bother me. To me, the newer girls' beautiful bjd-esque faceups are the big draw. I used to think the first few series boring, but looking at Moon & Withered side by side with just the one colour highlighting lips, eyes & brows - I think they are gorgeous. It's a little like 2 different sets of dolls, to my mind. I love them both. BRH is one of the most lovely of all, IMO grin
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no secret here, i'm completely in love! moon is my all time favourite pullip. and type 1's are my favourite girls overall!

and i am smitten with both those outfits!
Yesssss older girls <3

I wish I had a secret to share about getting those stains off. ;_;
Wow Pullip Moon is very pretty OuO
Her hair is the perfect shade of pink, she looks stunning!
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