Bloody Red Hood Lolii Version
So I recently acquired her and I wanted to share with everyone what she comes with! I have number 31 of 79. She is basically the same as the regular release, the only difference is that there is no wolf on the bottom part of her dress. Her eye chips are blue instead of a deep purple. The card is the same one as the regular one. I feel that her hair does feel a bit softer and her boots seem a bit better then the original but I can't tell you for sure as I've left her on the card board and put her back in box after pictures were taken. She does not come with a certificate. She also comes with a tote, pouch bag, and post cards.

[Image: ED3A84F0-37D5-4052-811F-07777AD9BDED.jpg]
[Image: 3438ABA1-FC72-4653-BA14-7B8CEDDEF247.jpg]
[Image: 63108F74-DC25-450E-A659-96578AACA427.jpg]
[Image: 43B79E44-2BE0-441B-834C-9E8219429129.jpg]
[Image: 3C28E0F1-677A-41B3-9CB4-107E5FAC5230.jpg]
[Image: 088A34EE-C0E8-43A0-8395-BB2F52D543A7.jpg]
[Image: 654150FE-C2F6-4214-92E7-1242B3C64690.jpg]
[Image: 8E6FAD3E-BCDD-4AFC-B23B-E72380381CB1.jpg]
[Image: B434EC10-0527-45D5-A2D4-1BB8867D37E4.jpg]
[Image: 1D557D86-7A17-43C2-AADD-1FD4957C619A.jpg]
[Image: 2F4D82E3-C652-44A8-B1E3-81F2C8E03BD7.jpg][Image: 59ED4F29-DF45-43E8-BDD0-CB6B7EDEB750.jpg]
[Image: 38446736-5884-485C-8C40-E832BB6955C2.jpg]
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Wow! She is super pretty! totally in love with her dress minus the wolfie thing.

and those eyes, my god, those beautiful eyes! they really pop!

Congrats Cosmic! smile
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(my fishie got bit by a vamp lol)
She's gorgeous--congrats. grin
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Oh, she's just stunning! Eek, 79, I had no idea she was so limited! And signed too!! LOL

You must be delighted Cosmic, I'm thrilled for you ^___^
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Congrats! Honestly, you'd think they could have thrown in some extra accessory or made the dress a different color, besides the extra cards.
Ohh she makes me want to get the normal version of BRH and chip her bright blue! Gorgeous!
Now there's a grail beyond all other grails! I bow down to your superior collecting. wink She's really awesome. I'm glad you shared pictures with all of us.
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Congrats.. she is really cute.
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Thank you everyone! She is really pretty, pictures don't do justice
Scarlettb's pullip doll reviews on youtube!


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