Cute little redhead
So I have finally gotten around to finishing another custom. She is one of my own and the very first Pullip I purchased back when I first started collecting. She use to be a Dita and the poor dear has had many different looks. At one point she also remained faceless for a few years because I wasn't sure what to do with her. Finally getting around to customizing her I am happy with the results. Here are some photos

Progression photos Woo!
[Image: 14434972377_a5491b64e9_z.jpg]

[Image: 14780982113_4c47bc8ddd_z.jpg]

[Image: 14574468979_474a32b98d_z.jpg]

Very last images she received some lip carving and this decision was very last minute. She will be placed on an obitsu, but I do not have the tools right now to cut the peg. Kitchen knives simply do not cut it ( haha no pun intended) XD Anyways thanks for looking!
She looks awesome, I especially love her piercing.

Oh, she is amazing!!
Awesome customizing! The hair matches perfectly with her freckles, nicely done yay
[Image: Untitled_3.png]
Thank you guys so much! I appreciate it so much! smile

@lilcurly Thank you! I actually did that piercing a few years ago as well as a lip ring she use to have. You may be able to tell she use to have that lip ring too in the photos Tongue I decided she didn't need the lip ring and left that piercing out.
Oh I adore her piercing! Dolls with piercings are love!<33
I super love her eyebrows! ^^
That hair colour is just perfect for her complexion........she looks good!
Thank you guys so much <3
She looks great~ :3
Thank you <3

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