Boys and Combat Boots
[Image: 14575898310_f73ea2310c_z.jpg]

“The man with the boots does not mind where he places his foot.”
~ Irish Proverb

Can you guys see a pattern to recent photos? Haha, I'll try to do one of MiaoMiao, Heidi and Zeke soon. But Ronan finally has some well deserved photo time!

Model: Ronan Dahlen
Shirt from Gyro stock. Boots from Taobao. Shorts made by mother.
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I nearly missed this one! And yes I see a pattern and the pattern is making me see I need to buy shoes for my dolls! LOL!
Haha, shoes are so tempting, both for myself and my dolls. I love shoes!
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Your Hednar is one good looking Isul. I love seeing Hednars dressed like boys.

Those boots are perfect, and I know just what you mean about shoes being tempting! I love shoe shopping for me and my dolliessmile
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ByronicHeroine: Thank you! I've never really attached to Hednar as a girl (or Isuls in general as girls. LOL ) But yeah, those are essentially his only pair of shoes. Thank god boys don't need as many shoes as girls!
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