Handmade Outfits
I wanted to start a thread where people could post pictures of their handmade clothing for their dolls.

This is a dress I made for my doll Yukina. Her body is a picco neemo.

[Image: P2460847_zpsdba6895e.jpg]

[Image: P2460848_zpsf3f15fde.jpg]
Cute! I love the crochet work! smile
Nice! I wish I could crochet.

I sew for my dolls, including non-Groove dolls. Too many to post, but you can view them on Flickr here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cornflower...080007273/
She is so adorable! I love pico neemos and I love that outfit! Is she a hybrid with a little Dal? Was it difficult to do?

I do a lot of handmade outfits:
(although I haven't updated it in a while! ._. )

I've spent the day fiddling with a pattern trying to make a nice princess dress worthy of my (currently one-armed, oops) new princess Byul. I'm on my fourth attempt, this time in silk, because I decided the problem was the cotton I was working with was too flimsy. It was from a fat quarter that I got for 1$ at the Joanne's Mothership, so I guess you get what you pay for! If I finally get it done, I'll be sure to show it off, because blood sweat & tears, man.

Oh, and Cornflower: crochet is really, really easy! (as long as you don't have cats to pounce on the yarn, even my oldest cat pounces on the yarn and delights in sneaking into places and finding balls of yarn I thought were well hidden, and running around the house in circles to make a yarn mess.) But honestly, I'm sure you could pick it up. UNLESS you knit. I have never been successful in teaching a knitter how to crochet. I tried with one of my co-workers and she started plaintively whining "but the loops! You just let them go! I can't just let the loops go! I'm worried about them. Poor loops.")
She is a hybrid with a little DAL. I ended up having to use super glue to attach the neck joint inside the head so she can only rotate from side to side. The body I received had a damaged neck joint so this was the only way I was able to do it.

Everyone's clothes look amazing! So many adorable dresses. You guys are really talented! smile
Cornflower: Seconding Severity's "crochet is easy." If I can do it, then believe me, you definitely can!! ^^;
Thanks guys. I have tried to teach myself. But I get frustrated when it doesn't come out right and quit.
I made this nurse outfit for one of my boyfriend's future MIO customs. He wants to make a custom doll of Ebola-Chan.
[Image: NicksNurseOlly.png]

This is an Asian-inspired robe I made out of some pretty scrap fabric:
[Image: Ai-ZenRobe1.png]
[Image: 20140715_200755.jpg]
The parts she's wearing underneath in the second photo are pieces of Clarity's stock to help layer it.

I also made this outfit (minus the fishnets) for the custom Emilie Autumn doll I gave my boyfriend on our anniversary
[Image: 20141103_020424.jpg]
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I love that robe! Such pretty fabric. That nurse outfit is super cute too.

Crochet is a hard one to teach yourself(I know from being self taught), but it isn't impossible, tho it does feel that way at the beginning. If I could give any suggestions it would be these:
-start with something super easy, like a single crochet square/rectangle. The goal with the first couple projects is to get the rhythm and train your hands to do the motion, so as long as you can do that, it doesn't matter how it looks, you've succeeded.
-use youtube! it was invaluable to me as a resource as I am a very visual learner. There are tons of video tutorials on there that can teach you everything from the basics to advanced stitches.
-Make sure to match your hook size to your yarn, trying to use a little hook with a thick yarn will usually end with strained hands and a lot of frustration. For a first couple projects I would recommend an H hook and worsted weight (4) acrylic yarn, like Red heart.
-Don't be afraid to walk away from a project. Learning crochet can be very frustrating, so I would work until it started to frustrate me then stop for a few hours or even days and then go back to it. My first scarf took me 3 weeks to complete doing this, but I was able to keep going back to it because I didn't burn myself out.

I hope these tips help and if you have any questions I would be more than happy to help. I've 10 years of experience with teaching myself to crochet. smile
Practice making tiny dresses.

the one Blythe is wearing is now on my Kanta Dal.

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