Tart Deco
Wow, I haven't posted here in so long!
This is Tart Deco, my last finished custom girl.
She was so much fun to make! Usually my dolls are soooo sad...

[Image: 15741460365_f5c823c94a.jpg]
Like all the pastels colors, including the pink eyelashes.
The way you carve lips is amazing! I can instantly tell when it's one of your custom lovelies. smile
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Ah she's so striking! I love her lashes and her bright hair!!
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Thanks everyone! I do wish I could carve other styles of lips, though, I just don't have the knack for it.
the eyelashes are really cool and her pink hair *.*
[Image: 2zsp5pw.jpg]
She is very bright and cute ^-^. I'm pretty sure most Blythe customisers have a distinct style for how they carve. I have seen it in many smile. They only have small variations often.
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