Lyric likes to Rock 'N Roll (pictures, aplenty)
Here's my first full custom. I repainted an Icy Doll's stock eyechips, made the wig from wefted human hair extensions from Sally's Beauty Supply, made the dress from a pattern from the Pucci Collective (when it was still up), put it all on a rebodied "Mystery Blythe Clone". The body was bought from a seller on Etsy. I think she makes them. It is a very nice hybrid of a licca body and Flection Pure Neemo.

[Image: 16547709789_b653fc99bc_z.jpg]

[Image: 16461983568_2a2a1d1f78_z.jpg]

[Image: 16496348940_6cbd4eb824_z.jpg]

[Image: 16547740969_cd37b99983_z.jpg]

by That Pettigrew Girl, on Flickr
She looks great! Do you have a link to the Etsy seller? I'm very curious about the body.
Here is the link to the body. There are no markings on the body, to tell who the manufacturer is. it is more Solid and heavy that the azone bodies. and the joints are more like the picco neemo bodies than the pure neemo. and it's a lot bigger than my XS Flection body. I mostly bought it to see who made it, lol! All she says is "our country's best toy factory". It's in Hong Kong... which explains how they get away with it being so similar to Azone, I suppose...

She used to be on the XS Flection body (with the red hair, and same dress in the before and after picture) but her head kept falling off... so... when I saw this body...
she is very pretty ! Great job on customizing her smile I really love her eyelids too
I'm curious about the body too ,i wonder how it will look like on a yeolume :3
it is really big for Yeolume. It's about an inch taller than the Takara stock body. I am probably going to buy 2 more. At least, one for my Icy Doll, and perhaps one for Pullip. Though, since Dal is on a 25cm obitsu, I may go 27cm obitsu for Pullip... But... now, I am looking at my Icy doll, and considering spray painting her brown... and making her a black girl.

Her eyelids... are painted with Sally Hensen Hard as Nails xtreme wear Nail color #220, Celeb City. They were painted with paint, but it dulled to a icky gray with in a week. And I noticed that my daughters toenails, that we painted MONTHS ago, were still shiny and pretty... Lightbulb!!! smile

From what I can tell. the body was designed by a BJD company called Sweetiiger. There are shops on etsy and ebay. And they are based in Hong Kong. I sort of feel like gushing about this body, though. with the azone body she wouldn't stand in her stand right... she couldn't be posed very well... she'd fall over, because her head was so much heavier than the body, and the joints were floppy... This body is heavier than her head. I may do a photo shoot comparison of bodies today. My Azone body is the XS Flection body.
[Image: 16136873293_1a1711afb4_z.jpg]pure neemo XS flection and sweetiiger body comparison. by That Pettigrew Girl, on Flickr

Here is my xs flection body compared to the Sweetiiger body. it has less range of motion, for sure, but a tolerable trade off to the wonky neck issue.

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