How much are Official Dal clothes? (without the doll body)
Hi, I wonder about how many percent of the cost of an entire doll would the clothes worth?
Or rather, how much are regular Dal clothes? (official ones)

I'm thinking of whether to sell my Dal's clothes, she's a Dal Charlotte.
I think for Dal it is the same as pullip 60/40 smile
[Image: 16152755741_2441f1e716.jpg]
Yup, what Chyntia said!

It also depends on whether the clothes are new/used, if they have an flaws, and how desirable the stock is in general. For example, mascot outfits like Darony and Puki tend to sell for slightly less. With Dal Charlotte's lovely period ensemble, you shouldn't have a problem finding a buyer smile
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In fact, it's on Jencut's want list:
Thanks a lot, people. I PM'ed her.

Is 60/40 doll-to-clothes or clothes-to-doll?
60 for the doll, 40 for the clothing. If it's a designer collab outfit, like the Angelic Pretty, the split is typically 50/50 since the outfit is usually more elaborate.
Thanks a lot.
I love her offer and I hope the trade will go well.

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