Hi everyone!
So big apologies that the last meet up didn't work out I was so busy with college tours and all that fun stuff LOL!
I'm very excited to announce, drumroll please.....

we will meet up at Marlborough Massachusetts Library. Most likely we will be meeting in the teen room downstairs (dont worry we don't have to whisper down there) We will be enjoying snacks (please tell me if you could bring snacks and/or you have any severe/non severe allergies we don't want anyone to get sick!

Dates: I personally would love to meet on the either the 25th or the 26th of this month (April) How does that work for you guys? It depends if the majority says yes or no. If no we can always reschedule its just that that week is April vacation in Massachusetts so I wouldn't have a lot of homework.

Once we get enough interest and/or a date we will come up with an activities list of what we will do but let me give you an idea of what we will be discussing

1. starting up a new pullip/tenyang/dal/byul/isul photo contest to be held on dolly market that will have real mail to you prizes
2. Dream customs, Whats yours?
3. Possibly also starting up a pullip collab on youtube! (if we have more than 7 people interested we can always do two video on the same day) and for those of you familiar with hollycopters pullip paradise on face book the admin and super talented Lindsey Renee Parker is joinng and who also is working on getting the one the only Hollycopter to join the collab

PLUS... everyone will be going home with a small kawaii themed gift bag!

Let me know if your interested!

Maybe though these things tend to work better if we have more than a week's notice!
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Any intestest having a Boston meet?

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