Nova's Dolls
I've been meaning to post photos of all of my dolls here for a while, but I decided to wait until my newest doll's eyes and wig arrived. They came a few days ago but I didn't get around to putting his eyes in until last night. Now the majority of my dolls have their finalized looks, so I figured what better time to photograph each of them?

Here are all of my plastic babies, in the order I got them in. A lot of them have either already or are about to turn seven this year!

[Image: 19491929831_a564f77348_z.jpg]
Neekitaka "Neeki" Larea Stone, Pullip Alte

[Image: 19461238746_1b2b9f3eb9_z.jpg]
Alabaster Stone, Taeyang Missionary

[Image: 19491666231_87e4537953_z.jpg]
Dispari Stone, Pullip Souseiseki

[Image: 19461598866_2c429da4a6_z.jpg]
Eva Ceston, Pullip Dita

[Image: 19299880620_98d0db4d3e_z.jpg]
Misana "Mi-Mi" Stone, Dal Hangry

[Image: 19301296079_4bbca16971_z.jpg]
Rayven Deathglare, Pullip Chill

[Image: 19300124418_42ae18e846_z.jpg]
Kazuyoshi "Yoshi" Maezono, Taeyang Lead

[Image: 19301399369_9db236be84_z.jpg]
Ettarde De la Rosa A.K.A Ettarde "Etty" Drake, Dal Monomono

[Image: 19299898620_f5980a61da_z.jpg]
Katherine "Kitty" Laylee, Pullip Papin

[Image: 19299990150_cc9671f0f2_z.jpg]
Megu "MoeMoe" Kawaguchi, Pullip Adsiltia

[Image: 19300109388_bf6e3e0941_z.jpg]
Damien Olivier Matchetson A.K.A. Damien Deathglare, Taeyang Hash

[Image: 19491951211_e9dac6184c_z.jpg]
Raleigh Christian Rowan, Taeyang Butler

[Image: 18866873293_3107726d3a_z.jpg]
Erasmus Odysseus, Taeyang Sol

[Image: 19299939308_abe4eaf52f_z.jpg]
Lyris Beryl, Byul Tiger Lily

[Image: 19301181199_33622cb280_z.jpg]
Lyrick Valentine, Taeyang Another King

[Image: 18866737653_b77a420d95_z.jpg]
Shun Higurashi, Taeyang Arion

[Image: 19487269925_22b1d9cfbb_z.jpg]
Akito Higurashi, Taeyang Kain

[Image: 19301502239_4f89d74340_z.jpg]
Darcel De la Rosa A.K.A Darcel Dahlr, Taeyang Wayne

[Image: 18867049353_2f08b78154_z.jpg]
Jimmy, Isul Jimmy X

[Image: 18866755763_91ba56305e_z.jpg]
Piper Lilliana Maroo, Pullip Regeneration Noir
(Thumbs up if you get the reference.)

[Image: 19461516046_ca376f8bfc_z.jpg]
Nico Ashlan Maroo, Isul NekoNeko MaoMao

[Image: 18864974664_8f1a2a7326_z.jpg]
Christon Maroo, Isul Mao

[Image: 19487333025_e318bf5947_z.jpg]
Scarlett Burgundy "Bee" Rowan, Yeolume Podo

[Image: 19487723895_01ac79760b_z.jpg]
Persephone Deathglare, Dal Katoya

[Image: 19491748881_904cee3b90_z.jpg]
Ash Deathglare, Dal Katoya

Thank you for looking!
What a big family! I really like Neeki's wig, and the colour coordination of a lot of the backgrounds -- neat portraits smile There must be some stories between all these characters, given their creative names? Looking forward to seeing more!
[Image: 52753689362_648099ee70_o.jpg]
[Image: 52754230731_a6068b46d4_o.jpg][Image: 50534896333_d4a2b8e718_o.jpg][Image: 52754472289_1f6d6c34b1_o.jpg][Image: 49782607208_b108a0ee26_o.jpg]
Thank you so much!

And yes, haha, I try to build my doll family around my own characters and try not to get a doll unless I can connect them into their huge intertwined backstory somehow. All of them have very very detailed backstories and characters, although ironically one of the ones that has the most fleshed out character is my Jimmy, who kept his stock name and doesn't even have a last name!
I love your whole family so much, oh gosh. I especially have soft spots for Rayven and Raleigh, who is the cutest cutie patoote and the single reason I still contemplate buying a Butler Sweatdrop
I recall that you used to do quite a bit of storytelling through your dolls, before your hiatus. Are you planning on doing more? I'd love to see it, I always really adored the subtle, macabre themes to your stories grin
What a gorgeous collection!
Persephone and Ash are my favourites but all of your dolls are beautiful. smile
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Thank you all so much!! <3

@abeautifullittlefool: Buy a Butler! Doooo it! You know you want one~

Maybe one day! I think my storytelling has gotten a lot better in the past few years, and almost all of my characters have had much more development since then, so I don't really like the picfics I used to make anymore, but maybe one day I will make even better ones! (That's actually sounding really fun right now to be honest.)

@Martah: Haha, Persephone is already the most spoiled of my dolls and I haven't even had her a month yet!
I remember some of your dolls from your prior picfics and photos. You have a really nice family!
I love the idea of them holding up a sign with their own handwriting! Such a diverse family grin

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